Aladin basant festival in Karachi

Aladin Park Unlimited Rides at Basant Festival

Aladin Amusement Park is arranging an Unlimited Rides Trip along with a Basant Festival at Pavilion End Club on the 25th of February – Saturday from 9am morning till 12am night only for students and families. Pass is available for 175 Rs only (one pass for one person) with which  … Read more

Eastern Traditions Making Waves in the West

Fashion trends in the East have greatly influenced many of the Haute Couture Collections in the West. The 21st Century is an era, where mingling of cultures, diversity and styles are fused together, to create a unique blend of fashion; where tradition meets trend.

Many of the emerging styles in the Western Hemisphere have inherent cultural roots from the Middle East and South Asian region. Here are some fashion trends making waves:

Palazzo pants: Customs and cultures, in different regions of…..