Collection: Fit for a bride!

Collection: Fit for a bride!

At The House of Ensemble, exhibiting his bridal collection titled Fahad Hussayn’s Trousseau, on the evening of May 27, the young designer once again brought in ‘a contemporary element in the fashion world’. His was an entire collection, a tribute to the Rajput Princess Mirabai who comes from Ratan Singh’s … Read more

Bridal Couture Week to begin in Lahore

Well, the news from the fashion industry is that Style 360 in collaboration with J&S is staging Pakistan`s first Bridal Couture Week. The aim of this exercise is to bring talent together under one roof to showcase the latest and upcoming trends and provide people a platform to exhibit their … Read more

Last Minute Beauty Tips for Brides

As a young girl, just like every other future bride, I dreamed extensively about my wedding. In my head I was a beautiful bride. I was stylish, stunning, smart, and slim. Everything was just so. The luster of my skin served to help radiate my joy and revel in the elegance … Read more

Bridal Make up Variations

This post is for all brides to be especially Stars N Rockets! I hope I have given you a wide range of looks for you to experiment with.


The natural look is being opted for by a lot of brides these days, where minimal is the key. “Use fresh flowers and natural elements in the hair, along with natural tones for blushing pink cheeks and lips. The colors for this trend would be pink, peach, lemon, light orange/apricot, and caramel,” advises ace make-up artist Clint Fernandes. Consult with your make up artist before deciding on a color palette though – it all depends on your complexion, after all!

Retro Power:

“Vintage style is still big, be it the ’60s or the ’20s look. Hints of retro eyeliner, or lips and hair used as single elements in a style, look great.