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Musical Play CinderJutt at Arts Council Karachi

Musical Play CinderJutt at Arts Council Karachi

CinderJutt (currently showing at Arts Council till the end of January  can best be described as a hot curry of cold stereotypes, garnished with a few Bollywood item songs. The cast includes a Pathan, a gandasa-waving Jutt, a homosexual fashion designer and a Lakhnavi man who greets everyone with an “adaab”; there … Read more

Adnan (R) dubbed by Shehzad Ali Khan (L)

The voices behind Ishq-e-Mamnoo characters

With luxurious sets, beautiful actors and protagonists whose chemistry is sizzling hot, Turkish TV show “Ishq-e-Mamnoo” on Urdu 1 has become Pakistan’s new addiction. To broadcast this Turkish soap in Pakistan, a dedicated team of local actors spent a considerable amount of time recording the voice-overs, under the guidance of … Read more