Swat Aman mela

Peace festival in Swat & Kalam from 29th June to 18th July 2010

”Aman Mela” (peace festival) schedule to be celebrated from June 29th to July 18th 2010 at Mingora and from July 11th to July 18th, 2010 at scenic Kalam valley in District Swat with great pump and show. Provincial Reconstruction Rehabilitation and Settlement Authority (PaRRSA) in collaboration with Government of Khyber … Read more

Sana Rashid & Aamyre Tarique Fashion Exhibition in Karachi

Infusing his passion for technology with fashion, Aamyre Tarique makes a debut with his futuristic collection of women’s wear. His style reflects modern sensibility and a flair for creating chic silhouette with an edge. Bringing her distinct style to a vibrant collection with exquisite embroidery and an eye for finer … Read more