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Bad breath Natural remedies

The typical diet and hygiene practices of the people nowadays have brought about certain health problems such as bad breath. Also known as “halitosis”, this condition can be very embarrassing on your part and is an ultimate turn off when it comes to dealing socially in an individual’s everyday life. … Read more

Ginger - Health Benefits

Ginger – Health Benefits

Zingiber Officinale or Ginger is known for its pungent taste and medicinal properties. The plants botanical name is thought to be derived from its sanskrit name ‘singabera’. Basically Ginger belongs to the Turmeric family. The plant’s under ground stem is used for medicine and flavouring. Ginger is a perennial plant. … Read more

Depression Relief: Treating Depression Naturally

Depression Relief: Treating Depression Naturally

Mild to moderate depression can be effectively treated with exercise, since chemicals known as endorphins are released by the body during exercise. Depression is less likely to affect people who exercise regularly, because endorphins help to lift our mood. Depression, in some cases, occurs after a loss-the loss of a … Read more

Slow Down Aging – 8 Foods You Can Consume To Inhibit Aging

As the American population increasingly ages, a growing number of people look for means of reducing the outward signs of aging while remaining skeptical of anti-wrinkle creams, concerned over plastic surgery options, and have questions about Botox injections. While there’s no way to fully stop the aging process, you can … Read more