Common Flu Season Myths

Common Flu Season Myths

With flu season in full swing, everyone’s looking for ways to beat the flu bug. But with all the flu season myths floating around out there, how can you know the best way to keep healthy? Understanding the most common flu season myths can help keep your body strong and … Read more

Work stress in women can raise heart disease risk

High pressure jobs like nursing can increase young women’s risk of heart disease and younger women appear to be more vulnerable, scientists said Thursday. It is already known that having stressful or demanding jobs can lead to higher heart risks but previous research has largely focused on men. In this … Read more

WWF Singapore Seafood Guide

Singapore is one of the biggest seafood consumers in Asia-Pacific with an average of 100,000 tonnes of seafood consumed each year. As such Singapore has an important role to play in the conservation and sustainability of marine resources. The pocket-sized WWF Singapore Seafood Guide gives Singaporeans information about making sustainable … Read more