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Eid fashion for men

Eid fashion for men

Women shop for Eid and dress up in colourful garments but what is it that the men seek? A good kurta shalwar and footwear to go with it. Eid is a celebration which is truly symbolic of Pakistan’s most loved activities: eating and dressing up. Everybody must eventually be a part of … Read more

Ammar Belal’s Design Emporium for the style conscious man

Ammar Belal’s Design Emporium for the style conscious man

Whoever thought that Ammar Belal’s Design Emporium was purely testosterone territory needs to think again. With androgyny being a huge trend this year, style-conscious women like Samina Khan of the super cool Paper Magazine, journalist/documentary filmmaker Fazeelat Aslam, as well as Belal’s wife, the former supermodel Aaminah Haq, have been … Read more

2011 Trend Alert

The most prominent trend for the coming year for spring/summer for women will be:
The Seventies look
The Seventies look will be a big trend and used as an
// // inspiration for dresses to blouses.
Get waisted: The natural waistline will be well defined – be it a dress, a skirt or trousers. All silhouettes will accentuate the natural waist. This trend makes for a feminine and elegant look.