How to beat stress

Modern life demands we juggle many different responsibilities in our working and family lives: career progression, education concerns, childcare etc. While a certain amount of stress can be useful as a motivator, if it spirals out of control it can take a terrible toll on your physical and mental health, … Read more

DAWN All About Lifestyle Exhibition 2012

Dawn All about Lifestyle Exhibition 2012

Now in its eleventh successful year, All About Lifestyles is considered to be the definitive showcase of all that is new and imaginative in Pakistani lifestyle trends. For companies that have attended All About Lifestyles before, this event is now a regular part of their marketing calendar. In fact, attending … Read more

Chocolate weight loss BMI

Why Parents Need to Limit Chocolate Consumption in Children

Chocolates are one of the most popular gifts given during holiday seasons such as, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, and Valentines. Although they make a great gift, chocolate should only be consumed in moderation. There are some benefits to certain chocolates, such as dark chocolates, but chocolate in general can have ill … Read more

Dawn All about Lifestyle Exhibition 2011

This brand to consumer marketing event is held twice a year, in the summer and in the winter. A real blockbuster of an event.
Gifts and Giveaways during Exhibition:
More than 10,000 Gift Hampers including Mobile Airtime, T-Shirts, Caps and much much more has been distributed by answering simple quiz and playing exciting games and competitions.