The Right Root

As a beauty aid, turmeric prevents and cures pigmentation, maintains the PH balance and makes the skin glow. Turmeric is an integral part of a bride’s beauty regimen in Pakistan and even as far as Java. Turmeric, which is a perennial plant about 60 to 90 cm in height, has … Read more

Skin: Your Prized Asset

Skin should be your prized asset. A healthy diet, enough sleep, regular exercise and a complete beauty regime are all very important in maintaining good skin. Your skin just like you requires a diet to keep it taut and supple. But this diet needs to be altered to meet the … Read more

The Promise Of Perfect Skin

Skincare technologies like microdermabrasion and products like the diode laser and kinerase are making perfect, youthful skin possible, Women want beautiful skin and the search for the perfect skin product that can work miracles has only intensified with each year. The promise of smooth and younger-looking skin has resulted in … Read more

Unmask Your Beauty

You don’t necessarily need expensive products to make your skin look great but there are several things available in your kitchen which can perk up your dermis in no time. So tryout these homemade recipes sans preservatives that are capable of replacing your cleansers, toners and astringents, moisturizers etc. These … Read more

Pimples and acne: A teen’s nightmare

Skin eruptions can lead to permanent scarring. Our expert helps you deal with the problem. Acne, a common skin condition, appears when the body goes through physical changes and glandular secretions increase. Due to this reason, adolescents are the main victims of an acne condition. In many cases, the condition … Read more

Prepare To Makeup

Worried that your makeup’s looking too patchy or dry? Your skin type may hold the answer to that problem. There was this new foundation that looked so, so good on your friend. You went out and got yourself the same brand… but it just doesn’t seem to look as good … Read more

Shades And Shadows

Shading and highlighting can add dimension to your face apart from just correcting your flaws. Makeup is a game of adding shadows to and lighting areas of the face to accentuate your features or hide your flaws. This is done to create balance and an illusion of proportion and shape. … Read more

Milk, moisturizers and more

Unflavored, unsweetened milk with minimal additives is known for its skin softening and moisturizing properties. However, milk can also be used in combination with turmeric, honey and even essential oils. The simplest beauty therapy is to take the inside of a milk bag and rub it on your face. It … Read more

Makeup Magic

From making your lips look fuller to concealing dark circles, we have simple tips to solve some common makeup muddles Eyes Concealing dark circles You can camouflage under-eye circles with a foundation, concealer and some powder. Dark circles have a muddy brownish or purplish tinge, so you need to neutralise … Read more