How to select the colour of the lipstick

What to settle on Garnet or even Pearl? you have got tried dozens of colors of lipstick, however still unsure that one suits you perfectly. The Art of makeup is straightforward to learn! Lipstick – a novel tool that may rework your look. The lips become attractive and seductive. The … Read more

Beauty Lovely lipsticks

Lovely lipsticks

Every woman who wears make-up knows the importance of lipstick when it comes to topping off a certain look. For a night out on the town wear a dramatic red or eye-catching orange. When going for brunch with your mother-in-law, it’s probably best to stick to pretty pink tones. Here’s … Read more

Choosing The Right Lipstick For The Season

We all like to change up our look from time to time, and seasonal changes when the colors of the earth and the colors of what we wear change is a fantastic time for us to change up our lipstick shades as well. The question is what should we change our lipstick shade to as the seasons change?
The Fall Lipstick Shades
Fall brings us crisp, clean golden shades and hues that look good on everyone. Some of the hottest colors for fall are: