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Beauty Aid – Concealer

Concealer is primarily used to hide flaws on the skin without using all-over foundation. If the right concealer is used, the result can be a beautiful, flawless and natural look Choosing a Concealer You will want to pick a concealer that is about one shade lighter than your natural skin … Read more

Look Younger Using Just Makeup!

Nothing works better in keeping yourself young than to eat healthy and exercise. BUT, if you’d like some additional ways to look younger instantly, here are some helpful tricks!
1. Skip the Powder
As we age, we tend to lose the natural “glow” to the skin. Adding powder can make the skin too matte looking and dull or can make it look cakey. Opt for liquid foundations or tinted moisturizers as they allow the skin to shine

Finding The Perfect Foundation for Your Complexion

Foundation forms your skin, so choosing what will look best on your skin is the most difficult task.People apply foundation only to make their skin fair but the real purpose of foundation is to give finishing and smoothness so a foundation should be like that which is fully absorbed in … Read more