Finding The Perfect Foundation for Your Complexion

Foundation forms your skin, so choosing what will look best on your skin is the most difficult task.People apply foundation only to make their skin fair but the real purpose of foundation is to give finishing and smoothness so a foundation should be like that which is fully absorbed in … Read more

Cat Eye make up Tips And tricks

Applying eyeliner takes some concentration and a well-balanced hand. For beginners the easiest way is to start with an eyeliner pencil. Cat eye makeup is all about your eyeliner application and there are many variations to cat makeup. In order to avoid blotches when applying your cat eyes makeup, you will need to practice. Our guide to cat eye makeup will help show you the correct way to apply your cat makeup.

Your cat eyes makeup look can range from sharp, thin and pointed, to fat, and smudgy. Taking this into account, there are a number of cat eye make up techniques also.

Traditional Cat Eye Makeup Look:

For a traditional cat eye look;

* you will need to use a sharp eyeliner pencil
*begin by dotting along the root of the eyelashes starting at the inner eye and working your way out