Red Hair Makeup Tips

Red Hair Makeup Tips

Red is such a great hair color. Its frustrating because no matter how hard they try, its the one color that professional colorists cannot get right, so if you are a natural red head, enjoy it. The following are a few makeup tips for red heads; its a little more … Read more

Mineral Makeup Foundation Recipes

Mineral Makeup Foundation Recipes

Mineral makeup recipes are now widely available at your own disposal. Now, you have the chance to enjoy the benefits of natural makeup and the thrill (not to mention the savings!) of making one yourself. Below, we present some homemade makeup recipes for you to learn how to make your very own makeup.
Mineral Makeup Foundation Recipes
Here are some interesting mineral makeup recipes to make your very own loose type foundation.

Gothic eye make up-Be Bold

Goth makeup is characterized by smooth, silky-white skin and powerful dark eyes and lips. Whether you are just trying out a goth look or are trying to perfect your current style, learning to apply eyeliner can add a lot to your shadowy eyes. A few tips can get you started.
Things You’ll Need:
* Black liquid eyeliner
* Small angled brush
* Foam-tipped buffer

Five Tricks to Meltproof Makeup

Between sweat and humidity, you can literally see your makeup drip down the side of your face, right? In order to look fresh and not drippy, you need to switch up that makeup routine with some fresh products designed to beat the heat.  Here are some quick suggestions of things … Read more

Summer make up

Keep Your Summer Makeup Fresh

Sweltering heat and humidity can wreak havoc with your summer makeup. Foundation may seem to melt or liquefy, and no powder stands up to those little beads of sweat that collect around your hairline. A modification of your regimen may be in order, and a few tricks will get you through a midday makeup meltdown.

Skip the foundation, if possible, and opt for a tinted moisturizer. If foundation….

Eyebrow shaping illustration

Eyebrows that have no shape or are overgrown can be reshaped beautifully if you know how. Use this illustration as a guide to mark your brows prior to tweezing.
Marking for Beautiful Brows
1. Place ruler flat against outer edge of nose. Hold ruler straight up. Mark brow.
2. Place ruler flat, holding the edge at the center of the pupil. Mark brow.
3. Place ruler flat from outer edge of nostril to outer edge of eye. Mark brow.