Skin Facts

Your skin is a living organ that covers the whole body. It is your body’s largest organ measuring 1.5 square meters. Its thickness varies from 0.05mm on the eyelids, where it is at its most delicate and translucent, to 0.6mm on the sole of the feet, where it is at … Read more

Milk, moisturizers and more

Unflavored, unsweetened milk with minimal additives is known for its skin softening and moisturizing properties. However, milk can also be used in combination with turmeric, honey and even essential oils. The simplest beauty therapy is to take the inside of a milk bag and rub it on your face. It … Read more

Makeup Magic

From making your lips look fuller to concealing dark circles, we have simple tips to solve some common makeup muddles Eyes Concealing dark circles You can camouflage under-eye circles with a foundation, concealer and some powder. Dark circles have a muddy brownish or purplish tinge, so you need to neutralise … Read more

Dare to be different : Nabila

Few, dare to be different. Especially, in an extremely conservative society. Even fewer, find acclaim in doing so. She’s one of them. Nabila. Rebellious and revolutionary. Known for defying conventions, Nabila’s ventured into uncharted terrain and walked her way to victory as Pakistan’s top hair stylist and make-up artist. Today, … Read more

How to get rid of Blemishes (Pimples)

CLEAN! Wash your face with a gentle, oil- and fragrance-free cleanser; preferably a nondetergent one labeled pH balanced. If you have oily skin all over your face, use a cleanser that contains benzoil peroxide or salicylic acid. Don’t scrub – irritated skin swells around the pores, which can cause breakouts. … Read more

The New Fashion Police

Old is gold and new is bold. Bold enough to bowl you over with everything that they do. And they do like no one can do. Here is a great tidal wave of young fashion gurus and divas that has stormed our fashion industry shores… Rocking a lot of boats … Read more