PFDC Sunsilk fashion Week Day 1 designers

PFDC sunsilk Fashion Week 2012 Day 1

These are the designers who embrace audience with their creations at the Day 1 of 5th PFDC Sunsilk Fashion week 2012 in Lahore.
Nickie Nina
Tazeen Hassan

4th PFDC Fashion Week 2011 Day 2 Highlights

Sous Marine After a beautiful traditional showcase at the previous fashion week, Nikki Nina’s aquatic collection nosedived this time around. Poorly structured, ill-fitted and carrying large ungainly stains, the collection was a sad testimony to the fact that the duo needs to get their creative apprentice Mohsin Ali back. Screen … Read more

Fashion collection Mohsin Ali’s Hazara Heritage

Fashion collection Mohsin Ali’s Hazara Heritage

Mohsin Ali’s eclectic, brooding collection, which dexterously combined elements of the subaltern Hazara culture and married it to their vagabond state, made fashion insiders giddy with a new prospect of a creative maverick in their midst and delighted audiences with its unique desi bohemian aesthetic. Even Britain’s greatest fashion authority, … Read more

The Designer: Exploring the world of retail fashion

The Designer: Exploring the world of retail fashion

At The Designer’s pre-eid launch, one observed how cleverly retailer Asad Tareen brought in names like Sadaf Malaterre, Adnan Pardesy, Mohsin Ali and Akif Mahmood, who have wowed us on the ramp but left us skeptical of when they retail. To Tareen’s credit, he managed to get the best of … Read more

First day first show : Sunsilk Fashion Week

3rd PFDC Fashion Week Day 1

There was none of the hoopla and eager anticipation that invariably accompanies the opening night of a fashion week as the Pakistan Fashion Design Council (PFDC) Sunsilk Fashion Week commenced at the cusp of the Pakistan India World Cup semi-final in Lahore. Designers and fashion journalists had already given their … Read more

Miles to go…

Lollywood is a rough place to be in, especially if you are looking for a quick break. But once every while one comes across a success story that defies the rules of the film industry. Actor Shamyl Khan is one such example. It’s almost unheard of for a newcomer to … Read more