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Polka Dots nail Art design

Short nail art designs from Sophy Robson

Ever wondered how to master the business of nail art? We spoke to celebrity nail artist Sophy Robson for her insider tips on how to get the most out of your DIY mani and really have some nail inspired fun. And the news is – you don’t have to have … Read more

Nail trends for 2013

Nail trends for 2013

Staying ahead of the latest trends can be a tricky game, but luckily for you we’ve rounded up the UK’s top nail technicians to fill us in on the latest nail trends for 2013. From dark ‘n romantic to textured talons, there is a new nail trend to suit everyone’s taste. Us? We can’t wait to … Read more

Snake Skin nail art design

Snakeskin Nail Art tips and tricks

Forget crackle nail polishes, this autumn/winter it’s all about snakeskin effect in nail art. The look you should be trying to achieve is super subtle but it can be done especially well if you work with two colors which are quite similar to each other. Like grey, silver & brown etc. If you’re ready to brave this … Read more

Makeup trends 2012

Makeup trends for 2012

If you’re bored of your usual eyeliner, mascaraand lipgloss routine, it’s high time for a make-upshake-up. Get experimental and try rocking some of thebeauty and make-up trends for spring summer 2012 – but word of warning – be ready to step outside your comfort zone. From eye shadows in sunset hues to loud mouthlips and metallic madness, the … Read more

Nail Art in Pakistan

Nail Art in Pakistan

Forget your glasses, ditch the handbag and dump your bangles. The latest accessory of today is your very own nails. Paint them, draw on them, deck them up, give them a dash of glitter and adorn them with gems and you have the look!

Dating as far back as ancient Egypt when they were used as a status symbol, nail art is now becoming a fad, spreading like ink in water amongst the fashion conscious. In the United States nail art has been popular since 1999 but was mostly restricted to R&B stars like Lil’ Kim and Mary J Blige who often made a dramatic appearance through their flamboyant designs. It was not until the pop artists started showing off their intricate and funky designs that it started gaining popularity amongst the hoi polloi. The trendsetters in this regard who ushered in this new phenomenon are Lady Gaga and Beyonce, two stars known for their vibrant and eye-catching nail patterns.

The young, the hip and the happening in Pakistan too are adopting this new frivolity……