Makeup Magic

From making your lips look fuller to concealing dark circles, we have simple tips to solve some common makeup muddles Eyes Concealing dark circles You can camouflage under-eye circles with a foundation, concealer and some powder. Dark circles have a muddy brownish or purplish tinge, so you need to neutralise … Read more

Lemon aids

Lemons are very high in natural fruit acids that rejuvenate the skin. If life gives you lemons…use them as beauty aids. The sour fruit’s glucose and mineral content also helps replace loss of the body’s fluids through sweat, especially during the summer months. It stimulates blood circulation, reduces arterial pressure, … Read more

How to get rid of Blemishes (Pimples)

CLEAN! Wash your face with a gentle, oil- and fragrance-free cleanser; preferably a nondetergent one labeled pH balanced. If you have oily skin all over your face, use a cleanser that contains benzoil peroxide or salicylic acid. Don’t scrub – irritated skin swells around the pores, which can cause breakouts. … Read more

Blemish alert! I’ve suddenly got pimples

Thought you had waved goodbye to zits at puberty? Maybe not. Dr. Judith Reichman has details on treatments for adult acne Q: I should have outgrown my zits by now, so why has my horrible high-school complexion returned? A: Male hormones, which even women’s bodies produce, are to blame. As … Read more