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Itchy Scalp

Fixing Itchy Scalp

While most people worry about getting an itchy scalp, some are actually looking for remedies. There are a variety of remedies which include homemade and some you need to seek from your hairstylist. Itchy scalps can be caused by dandruff, head lice, hair dye allergy, insect bites, or reaction to … Read more

A healthy scalp- Tips from Sunsilk hair Expert

A healthy scalp- Tips from Sunsilk hair Expert

1. Increase your intake of essential fatty acids found in oily fish or avocados to improve the general condition of your skin
2. Avoid an overly warm or dry bedroom as this will zap your skin of moisture
3. Alternate the use of hot and cold water on your scalp to increase the circulation and prevent dead cells from forming
4. Try to massage rather than scratch your scalp when you are applying Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution Shampoo

Beauty Care For Your Hands and Feet

Pamper your hands and feet with these simple beauty aids. The face may be the window to our soul and thus, deserving of all the special care that we lavish on it but our hands do a lot for us and those around us and our feet do the important … Read more

The Right Root

As a beauty aid, turmeric prevents and cures pigmentation, maintains the PH balance and makes the skin glow. Turmeric is an integral part of a bride’s beauty regimen in Pakistan and even as far as Java. Turmeric, which is a perennial plant about 60 to 90 cm in height, has … Read more