Aishwarya Reema Wearing Sari

Sari: The regional flavour

From what we see of Indian soaps, a suhaagan (married woman) is identified by her three possessions without which she is incomplete.  Adorning her hair with vermillion sindoor (powder), sporting a mangalsutra around the neck and dressing in a vibrant sari is a marital trademark for an Indian woman. Sari, … Read more

Lawn for men Ludicrous or lucrative

Lawn for men: Ludicrous or lucrative?

If there’s one thing that we will all remember from the summer of 2011, it’s the lawn invasion. The billboards featuring bevies of models that hovered from above in their fabric laden glory, the Bollywood bazaar that resulted in heated Indo-Pak diatribes, the traffic blockages along the urban centres’ main … Read more