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Lighten and brighten your skin with fruits

A fruit mask will naturally exfoliate your skin with fruit acids. It will also have the effect of lightening and brightening your skin. We have chosen to use grapes and raspberries but you can choose any fruit or even any vegetables for this recipe. Simply use whatever is in season; … Read more

Resurface Your Skin at Home with Glycolic Acid

Resurface Your Skin at Home with Glycolic Acid

Forget visiting the dermatologist for a chemical peel, you can resurface your skin at home with the help of glycolic acid. A star in the skin care world, glycolic acid is known for its ability to treat several skin problems, including wrinkles, acne scars, hyperpigmentation and keratosis pilaris. How It … Read more

Eat Tomatoes to avoid risk of Skin cancer

It seems that British scientists may have come up with the ultimate protection against skin cancer and an array of skin disorders caused by Ultra Violet (UV) rays. These are the rays which emanate from the sun but are not visible to the naked eye. UV rays have long been … Read more