Palazzo Pants 2013 Summer trend

Palazzo Pants for Trendy Summer

May 26, 2020 Hina Safdar 1

Is this the beginning of the return of the flare? Palazzo pants are a polarizing style: you either love them or you hate them. A trend with deep vintage roots, palazzo pants first appeared as a glamourous piece for old Hollywood stars in the 1930s, and then again as a hippie fashion staple in the 60s and 70s. Most recently, we’ve seen the light-weight, flowy style as a part of celebrities‘, reality stars‘, and models‘ summer ensembles.

Palazzo pants are easy to pull-on and go, provide balance and flatter wider thighs and hips, and create the illusion of a maxi skirt while keeping the freedom of pants intact. Because the pants are the epitome of high volume, however, they’re definitely statement-making, and are not always the most wearable. If you’re considering purchasing a pair of palazzo pants, the key to maximizing wearability is to consider the proportions of your outfit.

Think balance! If you follow the baggy pants + fitted top formula, you can’t go wrong. When in doubt, simply style your palazzos like a maxi skirt! The result is a look that’s both comfortable and cute. some styling tips for wearing Palazzo pants: Take care of the length.

Bob hairstyle trends for 2013

Bob hairstyle trends for 2013

February 19, 2013 Hina Safdar 0

The bob is back.

Like slipping on a pair of heels or applying that red lipstick that you love, bob hairstyles are the ultimate way to transform your look from not to hot with one simple chop. But choosing the right bob for your hair and face-shape can be tricky, having such a statement style could take some thought and commitment But don’t panic, we’ve done a bit of research and found that actually, the bob is a breeze!

Leonardo Rizzo, Global Ambassador for Indola says, “the bob is the most flexible and feminine of styles. It’s essential that you get the right length cut for your face, but the great thing about the bob is that as it can be any length from the jaw to the shoulder it can suit just about everyone!

So we’ve spoken to the very best of the UK’s Hairstylists and Salons to get all the insider tips to make sure that whatever you look like your tresses are bang on-trend.

Read on for our brilliant Bob hairstyles!

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