Thai Mango salad

Thai Mango Salad- Yum Mamuang

Thai Mango Salad- Yum Mamuang Recipe Type: Side Cuisine: Thai Author: Veena Arora Prep time: 15 mins Total time: 15 mins Serves: 2 With the crunchiness of peanuts and freshness of mint, this Thai salad is served on a bed of lettuce. Ingredients 200 gms raw mango, peeled and grated … Read more

Bread – The Staff of Life

Bread, this ubiquitous basic food, is the forebear of all prepared foods. It is the foundation of cooking, as we know it, and in many countries represents one of the pillars of nutrition and gastronomy. For a Middle Eastern, a meal without bread is unthinkable. Yet many nations use rice … Read more