Tips for Glowing Dry Skin

Tips for Glowing Dry Skin

Tips for Glowing Skin – Dry Skin

1.After cleaning facial soap and water, the skin feels tight.

2.Skin is usually scaly patches that occur at noon.

3. The skin breaks out in only a few points.

4.When you use a facial toner, skin sticks.

5. When using a rich cream at night, your skin feels comfortable.

Dry skin is dull, feels tight in the wash – even the mildest of soaps – flakes, scales and chaps easily. More likely to protest against coming into contact with harsh chemicals and tends to make wrinkles appear more important, if not in fact be the cause. Most of the skins tend to be drier as they age. The sebaceous glands are less active, they produce less sebum and provide a less effective barrier to prevent loss of natural moisture in the atmosphere. As more moisture is lost through the skin when the weather is warm and the humidity is low, dry skin should be special well protected in the summer.

Use a sunscreen oil-based to protect the face and a good moisturizer to retain moisture on the inside as much as possible. A good moisturizer is also important in winter when central heating may have substantially the same effect.

No more washing (shower or bath is a full day), use a light exfoliating, like washing the beans once a week and always moisturize. In general, the higher the humidity, the heavier (fatter) should be your moisturizer.


Milk – 1 cup

Glycerin – 1 tsp.

Baking soda – ¼ tsp. Tea.

Borax: – ¼ tsp. Tea.

Petroleum jelly (Vaseline) – 12 tbsp.

Baby Oil – 4 tbsp.

Beeswax: – 1 tbsp.

Rose oil: – few drops

Add hot milk and glycerin baking soda and borax until all three are dissolved. Come together in a bowl, white Vaseline, baby oil and beeswax. Once heated, remove from heat. Add rose essence and store in a jar and use a clean face. Remove the cleanser with a moist cotton swab.

2.Moisturizer: –

Rose water: – ¾ cup

Glycerin: – ¼ cup

Vinegar – 1 tsp Tea.

Honey -1 / 4 tsp. Tea.

Mix rose water, glycerine, honey and vinegar and keep it in a bottle. Use it regularly after cleansing.

3.Nourishing Mask: –

Banana: – 1

Salad / vegetable oil – 1 tsp Tea.

Mash a banana and beat in a salad or vegetable oil. Brush the face and let sit for 20 minutes until it dries. Then rinse. This nourishing mask should be used once a week at least.

4.Toning Mask: –

Egg: – 1

Yogurt – 1 tsp soup.

Multani mitti: – 2 c. soup.

Make a paste of one beaten egg white, yogurt, Multani mitti and apply on the face until it dries. Later, rinse with clean water. Use this toning mask at least twice a week.

Measures to combat dry skin….

1.The ‘best way to fight drought, is to completely abandon the use of soap. Most soaps are very drying to the skin.

Use a second cleansing lotion or gentle cleanser instead. But if you’re a dedicated soap and water lovers, and choose a mild cleanser that has a more moisturizing glycerin.

3.A good house cleaning would be the top of the milk mixed with a pinch of turmeric powder.

4.Use a heavier moisturizer to use during the warmer months. Apply moisturizer while skin is moist, evenly over entire face, massaging the cream up and out.

5.Do not try face masks and products that contain alcohol or astringent lotion. Otherwise, you can try these face masks


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