Types of hair brushes

Types of hair brushes

Types of hair brushesDo you bush your hair? Do you know what type of brush is made for your hair? Brushing your hair produces several benefits for your hair beauty! It massages the scalp, removes the loose scales accumulated on the scalp and distributes the sebum (oily substance) evenly through the hair. Regular brushing with a ball-tipped bristle brush through to the scalp will stimulate the blood supply and promote healthy growth.

Keep in mind that the wrong tool and the incorrect technique can tangle or tear your hair.The type of the hair brush that we use is important in getting the right style and preventing damage.

There are five types of brushes, each designed for a specific purpose.
Paddle hair brush

Paddle brushes are flat and wide.
• Brushing your hair with paddle brush also gives you a slight scalp massage. These brushes are used to style layers, as they do not add volume to layers.
• All textures can use a paddle brush. It produces a sleek, straight, static-free finish.
• Use this brush if your hair is long. After using a round brush to straighten wavy or curly hair, use this type of brush to finish off. Also use the paddle brush to silky naturally straight hair.
• With this type of brush you won’t create volume if you clean the brush down the length of your hair with a paddle type motion.

Cushion Style

This type of brush is best suited for medium-length hair, which is normally smooth and straight. This brush gives you a massage effect. Styles, which are made out of this brush, are box shaped bob, the classic graduated cut and a disconnected outline.
• If your hair is short to medium lengths and not too thick or dense, use this brush to smooth, without lift or volume.
• Is used for smooth and straight hair. It’s especially useful for everyday detangling and smoothing.

Sculpting Brushes

this kind of brush is appropriate for backcombing and it adds volume to short and textured styles. Such brushes are generally used for short cuts, round layers and textured outlines. The round brushes are generally meant for hair stacking and are named as sculpting hairbrushes. These are used for longer hairs and also give light massaging effect.

The Round Hair Brush

For achieving maximum height and lift use the more open bristle type. If your hair naturally has a wave or curl, the densely packed real bristle round brush is great at smoothing and straightening your hair with the tension needed.
Your hair needs to be long enough to rap around the brush once. Want to straighten waves, add volume at the crown as you blow-dry and curl or bend the ends of your hair.

The Thermal Brush

• The heat conductive material is the center of the brush. This material gets hot using the heat from your hair dryer. As you increase the heat that is drying your hair it will be working not only on the surface of your hair, but internally as well.
• Be very careful, it is easy to scorch your hair if the brush gets too hot! this tool can easily burn your strands.
• Also useful for all hair types, a thermal brush does a great job of producing long-lasting curls and body as you blow-dry. Keep in mind: The longer the hair, the larger a thermal brush you’ll need.

Flat Brush

This brush acts like a flat iron, which smooth down your hair without any kind of bend. Never use brush on wet hair. It is advisable to use wide-toothed comb.
If you desire to get smooth and straight hair without any bend then another variety of thermal flat brush is available to serve the purpose. This brush works like a flat iron on your hair.

Round Brush

Thermal round brushes are available in different sizes such as jumbo sized, large medium and small.
• Small round brush acts as a roller to get curls on your hair when used with the heat of a blow dryer. Large round brush smoothen your hair.
• You can roll your hair so as to give them curls while heating them with a dryer using small round brushes.
• The larger round brush is useful for long hair and light massaging effect. The length and the desired style of the hair determine the size of the brush to be used.


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