Using Drinking Water to Enhance Your Skin Tone

Using Drinking Water to Enhance Your Skin Tone

Using Drinking Water to Enhance Your Skin Tone

There are various ways that people can do to improve the health of their skin and to improve its beautiful tone naturally. In order to maintain the health and beauty of the skin people usually try to do things like drinking as much water as possible, exercising regularly, scrubbing the skin, applying jojoba oil, using sunscreen, maintaining a balanced diet, etc. Among those various natural ways to keep the skin beautiful, generally water gets the biggest attention from most beauty enthusiasts.

As a well-known beauty advice, drinking water is believed to be helpful in rejuvenating the skin. A lot of beauty articles stress the importance of taking plenty of water to retain moisture on the skin, plump-up the skin, prevent large pores, and minimize wrinkles. Nevertheless, two questions remain: Is there any direct relationship between the amount of water you drink and the tone enhancement of your skin? What kind of drinking water is suggested to improve the skin, mineral water or tap water?

It must be interesting to dig into the essence of drink water as a way to improve the skin and explores the answers of those questions.

A research report from British Nutrition Foundation exposed the widely spread beauty myth that consuming plenty of water improves your complexion. There was no clinical evidence supporting the common belief that heightened intake of water ameliorates skin tone. Furthermore, according to the report from the British Nutrition Foundation, it seems to be very little scientific evidence concerning to the influences of water intake on skin hydration. Thus, people do not need to worry about consuming the said eight glasses of water in daily basis.

In line with the British nutrition research report, different nutritionists suggest that in keeping the glowing skin, a balanced diet and sunscreen are more effectual than increased water intake. Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of vitamins A, B, C and E that are helpful in keeping skin elasticity. There is adequate evidence that a balanced diet and adequate antioxidant intakes can prevent issues at bay such as dermatitis, pimples, age related damage, and dry scaly skin.

However, it seems that the role of water in improving the skin is taken for granted. Even though there have been disputes about drinking at least 8 glasses per day as part of beauty tips, health experts strongly believe that somehow, water intake is responsible for the general health of the skin. The underlying reason of this is due to the very nature of water.

A research published in International Journal of Cosmetic Science revealed that water intake can have any effect on the skin. The further finding showed that a deviation can be noticed between mineral water and tap water groups under observation. In the mineral water group a better skin tone is observed group and it is likely due to minerals contained in water. Unfortunately there has been no research designed to study the effects of the absence of water to the skin tones. To support the popular belief that water influences skin health more considerably, there is an apparent need to conduct research in this area.

In short, an important beauty advice for skin health improvement is to drink the right amount of mineral water. It is simply because our skin needs essential minerals contained in good quality water. However, only drinking water without doing other things such as using sunscreen and keeping a balanced diet has no direct effect on ameliorating the appearance of skin. For that reason, in order to obtain naturally healthy and appealing skin, it is essential to drink adequate mineral water every day and combine it with other natural skin care methods.


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