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Worried about foul smell after eating onion and garlic? - Rewaj | Women Lifestyle
Worried about foul smell after eating onion and garlic?

Worried about foul smell after eating onion and garlic?

After eating certain foods such as garlic and onion, people usually suffer from side effects like bad breath. The best way to avoid garlic breath is to of course, avoid it in everything that you eat. However, this is not so simple if you like it or want the benefits of the medicinal properties from them.

Therefore in order to get rid of the smell of garlic on your breath, there are certain things that you can undertake.

1. Eat the right follow up foods.

A well known solution for eliminating bad breath after garlic is to eat some fresh parsley. Also by eating mints or drinking a cup of strong mint based tea can help to get rid of the lingering smell of garlic. Eating various vegetables such as mashed potato, mushrooms and carrots will help to get rid of the smell of garlic. Therefore, if you are having a meal in a restaurant or entertaining at home, serve the food which has garlic included in it as a starter, then follow with these vegetables.

One of the fastest ways, however, in getting rid of the smell of garlic on your breath, is to chew on a piece of strong chewing gum. There are certain gums available nowadays that are of a very strong flavor. The gums are also sweetened with a product called xylitol, which will provide your mouth with the feeling of being fresh and cooling. You will certainly be amazed at how fast these particular gums eliminate the smell of garlic on your breath. The gum also has an extra ingredient which helps to fight bacteria which causes odor, which in effect causes good dental health.

2. Drink enough.
Drinking a cup of green tea will help to get rid of the onion smell. Drinking lemonade or eating a piece of lemon can sometimes help to eliminate bad breath after eating. It is advised however, to prepare your own lemonade, as store bought lemonades tend to contain a great deal of sugar and preservatives which are not ideal for your teeth.

Another solution, which is effective, however, probably not the best suggested, is to drink a glass of alcohol, preferably vodka as it has no after smell. This is because alcohol contains an ingredient which kills bacteria in the mouth, resulting in the elimination of bad breath. However, if you are driving then do not drink alcohol under any circumstances.

3. Brush you teeth.

It is always advised to carry with you at all times a small toothbrush and toothpaste, so that you can brush your teeth after meals. You will be more confident in the fact that when eating garlic, you then have the opportunity to get rid of the smell afterward. As the smell of garlic can also seep through the pores of your skin, it is advised to freshen up with your favorite perfume or cologne.

Like garlic, onions when eaten, break down into volatile sulfur compounds. Therefore onion breath is a result of the sulfur escaping from the body. These such volatile sulfur compounds do not get through your digestive system as do all other foods, therefore these compounds go directly into the blood stream. Therefore in order to get rid of the smell of onions on your breath, it is advised to brush your teeth directly after consumption.


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