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2011 Fashion Advice for Tall Women

Tall Womens FashionThere are many women who wish that they should have been little taller than their actual height, however it’s not that easy for women who are above the average height when it comes to fashion. So, here we listed a few helpful tips to help you find the right trends and styles that look best on your body type and height. Read on and learn some fashion advice for tall women.

Avoid Crazy Patterns: The first and the most important fashion tip for tall women is to avoid bold and crazy patterns. Although these are the hottest trends this season, for it will only accentuate your height and that is certainly not your aim.

Wear Different Color on Top and Bottom: However, this tip applies only if you want to create an illusion of shorter look. If you wear different colors on top and bottom, it helps to cut short your body and make you appear shorter than your actual height. Adding a wide nice belt to this technique is a great idea to accessorize your outfit. Adding a belt will not only help you break up your height but also make you look more stylish.

Avoid Flowing, Long Skirts/Dress: Always opt for skirts or dresses that end around the shins. Avoid wearing long, flowing dresses or skirts which come till your ankles, for they will make you appear taller. The idea is you are already very tall and you don’t need to create an illusion of taller look like other short women do.

Opt for Oversized Accessories: When it comes to fashion accessories, tall women have more options than short or average women. One good advice for tall women to remember when shopping for accessories is to go for oversized accessories. This include purses, bags, earrings, belts and bracelets. Anything big that looks good on you and create an illusion of shorter look is a must have accessory for tall women.

In today’s women’s casual clothing world, tall women may feel little left out, however every hot trend can still be worn by tall women by adding some accessories smartly. Use your imagination, creativity and draw attention to you and not your height!!!


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