Aapko Pehle Bhi Kahin Dekha Hai

Yes, now we can say that Nikhil Vinay have arrived and that Tum Bin was not just a flash in the pan. What really matters is consistency and Nikhil Vinay (NV) have shown this in ample after the continued quality products with Hum Tumhaare Hai Sanam, Kuch Dil Ne Kaha and now Aapko Pehle Bhi Kahi Dekha Hai (APBKDH). They have developed a style of their own which is appreciable.

Directed by Anubhav Sinha who directed the earlier T-Series production Tum Bin, APBKDH is a romantic comedy starring Tum Bin hero Priyanshu with the beautiful Sakshi Shivanand. Sakshi – the girl who has starred in some forgettable Hindi flicks in the past a few years back and is now a household name in the South India as a reigning star in the Kannada film industry. Om Puri plays the “Father of the daughter”. APBKDH carry forward the tradition of T-Series and Anubhav Sinha combine with the same gloss and sheen as is visible in their earlier products.

There are at least 4 excellent compositions out of which it is impossible to select which one is the best – The title song, Barsaat, Baba Ki Raani Hoon and Aisi Aankhen Nahi Dekhi. And mind it, we have just talked about the excellent ones here – not the good ones, which go as Ishq To Jaadu Hai, Kuch Bhi Naa Kaha and Chhote – “The Alternate Trip”. Let’s begin with the excellent ones then !!!

The title number is in true NV tradition – extremely melodious, lovely lyrics by Sameer, charming vocals by Udit Narayan and Alka Yagnik and eye filling locales. In total – a complete number. A Hit number all the way, it is already on the way to the top. But hey, look behind, the title number is not the only one in the fray, there is also ‘Barsaat’ catching up fast. The lyrics by late Bakshi saab are lovely as ever. Udit Narayan has another award winning song in his hand, which is very catchy, very melodious and beautifully choreographed. Especially check out for the chorus, which is just spell bounding. Aisi Aankhen Nahi Dekhi is – as called by the makers of APBKDH – “a rare duet by Jagjit Singh and Asha ji”. A romantic ghazal by the duo, it is a treat – both visually and audio wise. Though the ghazal doesn’t match ‘Koyi Fariyaad’ by Jagjit saab from Tum Bin, still it impresses and goes down well.

Well, dard-e-judai strikes with vengeance after so much of mush’n’gloss in the shape of ‘Sajna Main Haari’ by Harshdeep. Her voice has maturity and she sings this sad song written by Rajan Raj in a true punjabi tradition. A situational track, you may want to skip it as the rest of the album has so much of fun in store – mainly in the form of ‘Chhote’, interestingly suffixed by “The Alternate Trip”. Dunno what it means, but nevertheless, it is a funky pacy track that has just one line – “Yoon Kyo Lage Aapko Bhi Pehle Kahi Dekha Hai”. In the midst of all this fun is Sonu Nigam who modulates his vocals in a husky mode to rap a few lines about some Chhote and gives him valuable tips about love written by Nitin Raikwar.

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