Beauty Care Tips for Your Eyes

Beauty Care Tips for Your Eyes

Beauty Care Tips for Your EyesDo you ever wake up some mornings with bags under your eyes? I know I have and there is something you and I can do about it. I have some great eye beauty care tips that you can start doing now.

As you get older, the skin around your eyes becomes dryer and more fragile. And when we are not taking care of them with the proper moisturizers and getting enough rest, then it will show up as bags, wrinkles and even those dreaded crow’s feet.

If this is a part of aging, is there anything that can be done about it? The answer is yes, you can. The areas around your eyes are eye padding. There are some exercises that you can do that will strengthen this area, creating better circulation.

Tip 1

With the third and fourth fingers on each hand, lightly presses the padding under your eyes, working your way from the inside of your eye all the way to your temple, then press your temple for 10 seconds. Repeat this process a few times every day. The best time is when you are applying your makeup or your eye cream.

Tip 2

Have you noticed more and more people with puffy eyes or those dark circles under their eyes? Our schedules we keep are killers, and so many are not getting needed rest, and it is showing up in their eyes.

If you have trouble with this as well, you can use a daily regime and also an intensive beauty care treatment for your eyes once a week. Daily, use a good moisturizer on your eyes, morning and night. Then once a week, you can use the infamous cucumber slices on your eyes. They actually work great!

Put a cool cucumber slice on each eye, relax for 10 minutes. After you remove the cucumbers, wash your face and eye area with warm, clean water. (If you don’t have any cucumbers, potato slices or tea bags work great!)

Tip 3

If you don’t like the idea of vegetables on your eyes, you can put a nice, soothing, cool eye gel around your eyes, leaving it there for about 15 minutes, afterwards rinsing it off.


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