Benefits Of Juices

Benefits Of Juices

Benefits Of JuicesAny fitness expert or diet conscious person will be aware of the benefits of juices. Juicing is typically the process of making fruits/vegetables pulp into a liquid or juice form. Any juice gives water, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, nutrients, pigments and flavors to the body and helps in healing, energizing and protecting the body. Healthy and organic foods have come into existence due to the problem of excessive obesity arising from processed foods and sugar. For this very reason, juicing came into play. Juices are one of the best gifts that you can give your body! Juiced vegetables are known to be better than juiced fruits because of the low natural sugar content and also, vegetable juice enters the bloodstream within 30 min of consumption whereas fruit juices take longer. So, if you don’t already own a juicer, it’s time to buy one and see your life change from fat to fab in a few days!

As mentioned earlier, the vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants that are provided to the body after drinking a glass of juice boost up the immune system and make us stronger. The tissues and cells grow faster and our body’s repair mechanism becomes more efficient. All this happens just as an after effect of a glass of juice on a daily basis.
When we eat a fruit, more often than not, the fibers present in the fruits are not unlocked. Juicing unlocks the nutrient rich fibers so that the digestive system can process the juice effortlessly and in no time. So, the full benefit of a fruit is realized on drinking juices on a regular basis.
Cooking a vegetable or a fruit sometimes kills the essential enzymes present in the product. But since a mixer does not generate an enormous amount of heat, most of the enzymes and nutrients are preserved and not killed.
When you are juicing a fruit, remember to cut out on the foam. When there is a lot of foam, the antioxidant property decreases. Investing in a good quality mixer is advisable since it ensures that least amount of foam is produced.
Fruit juice acts as a detox agent. The harmful chemicals and toxins are flushed out of the body with a glass of fruit juice in your diet. Many dieticians include fruit juices in the diet plan essentially for this reason.
A glass of fruit juice can help clean your liver. Liver is an important organ in our body since its work is to cleanse the blood of all the unwanted toxins etc. A fruit juice absorbs easily into the liver. And helps in the cleansing process.
Most of all, fruits like cucumber, apple, oranges etc have such wide and varied uses that their juices work miracle on our bodies. Cucumber juice cleanses the kidneys and drives away all our skin problems. Cabbage juice can heal oldest of joint pains and also helps in stomach repair.
Broccoli is an anti cancer agent, so its juice is extremely good for everybody irrespective of the age.
Cranberry juice is anti bacterial, anti inflammatory and also has anti tumor properties. A glass of cranberry juice lowers the uric acid level in the body and helps in cleansing the kidneys as well.

A glass of fruit juice has all the advantages in the world and no disadvantages at all. With our body absorbing maximum nutrients, juices give us vibrancy and positivity and hence, must be included in our daily diet.


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