Bipasha cozyness became Deepika’s discomfort

The Bengali beauty, Bipasha Basu seems to be quite a man’s lady. Even been with John Abraham, she had the famous controversial kiss with the football star, Christino Ronaldo. Now the Bengal beauty seems to be interested in Deepika Padukone’s boyfriend, Ranbir Kapoor.

Early the Dusky babe had admitted that she was really fond of Ranbir. What had put fire over it was that Bipasha insisted to the organizers that it should be her and not Deepika who will enter the stage with Ranbir first at a recent show.

Deepika didn’t like this and she made it sure that it will be her and not Bipasha to enter first.

Things went from bad to worse when Bipasha made a grand entry with Ranbir leaving Deepika into fumes.

Next we saw is a sultry and over angry Deepika not at all acknowledging or interacting with Ranbir. She was looking boiling hot.

We hope Ranbir calms down Deepika soon before things go hay-wire.

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