Brand new weight-loss diets for 2013 2

Brand new weight-loss diets for 2013 – Part 2

There are loads of brand new weight-loss diets that guarantee to help you shed the Christmas calories.

Brand new weight-loss diets for 2013 2we’ve picked what we reckon are the 10 best weight-loss diets of 2013 so you can choose the one that’s right for you. As published yesterday in part 1, here are the remaining top 5 diets of the year.

Happy dieting!

The MILF diet

Yes, we know it’s got a bit of a naughty title, but that’s kind of why we like it. You don’t have to be a MILF to try this diet, of course, but it’s based around the idea that MILFs are confident, sexy and radiate natural femininity.

And, according to the diet’s founder Jessica Porter, you can be all of these things by eating whole, plant-based food.

The diet is quite restricting, you’re meant to avoid refined sugars, processed food, meat and dairy, but there are lots of yummy recipes like lemony quinoa salad and edamame dip.

This diet helps you to lose weight, of course, but also it makes you healthier, more energized and look your best.

The DNA Diet

If you’re willing to spend a bit of money this is a really interesting diet that can help you stay slim for life.

My Gene Diet has been a big hit in Denmark and now it’s coming over to the UK. The people behind it believe that the ‘one diet fits all’ mantra doesn’t really get us anywhere, instead we need to have diets specifically designed for each of us.

This is how it works: you send of a mouth swab and for £149 they’ll send back their findings, putting you into one of five diet types. They’ll give you eating plans and workouts based on your results.

If you want to pay an extra £125, a personal trainer will create you a four-week workout and eating plan too. Results have been pretty good, with people losing three stone in five months!

Soupa Juice Diet

This brand spanking new diet is ideal for anyone who wants to kick start their healthy 2013 with a good cleanse.

It gets rid of all the toxins that might have built up in your body over Christmas and makes you feel more energized and ready to take on 2013.

The cleanse lasts for five days. Each day you’ll have around 17 (yes 17!) different fruits and vegetables, all provided for you by the lovely ladies at Soupa Juice. Each day you have a juice for breakfast, a mid-morning smoothie, a smoothie for lunch and if you’re sick of juice by then don’t you worry, you can have a bowl of soup for dinner.

During the cleanse you’ll get all the fatty acids and nutrients you need, plus a whole load of super foods.

It might sound tough, but this detox will leave you not only looking better (people have lost eight pounds in just five days) but feeling better too!

Balance Box Diet

This diet is great for the time-poor person who has only a few pennies to spend. Balance Boxdeliver three meals a day plus two snacks to your door, wherever you are in the UK.

The food is fresh, ethical, healthy (of course!) and yummy, so it makes dieting really simple. The food packages are designed by expert chefs and nutritionists. They include things like roasted peach muesli, Mediterranean pasta salad and chicken curry, scrum!

You can choose from two different types, the market menu plan which is 1,200 calories a day and is ideal for women, and the super sized market menu plan which is 1,800 calories a day and is ideal for men. Prices start at £16.99 a day and you can see from their site that the diet really seems to work!

Drop Zone Diet

Want to kick start that weight loss? Well then, you might just want to try out the Drop Zone Diet.

It’s the diet that was designed for celebs and models who wanted to shed those last few niggling pounds before a photo shoot and now there’s a book explaining to us normal people how to lose 14 lbs in 14 days.

OK, so we might not have any photo shoots on the horizon, but we’ve got holidays and parties we want to look good for!

The diet was created by nutritionist Jeanette Jackson who really knows her stuff. It’s quite a strict diet of soups, juices, meat and veg, cutting out tea, coffee and alcohol, but if you’ve got a big occasion that you want to look slim for, it could be worth it.


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