Characteristics of Dry Skin in Winter

Characteristics of Dry Skin

Characteristics of Dry SkinDry skin tends to age quickly. When taken care in an improper way, it becomes senile skin. What is worrying for those women who have dry skin, first wrinkles may appear on the face around the age of 20. Such a skin type should be treated with an utmost care from the early age. It is a mistake to think that dry skin should be moisten only in outer parts. It should get ceramides, vitamins, NMF, hyaluronic acid and mucopolysaccharides. Cosmetics for dry skin should not only provide moist, but also be able to keep it in the skin.

Even if we don’t have dry skin in our early 20ties, most probably it will come time when we have to deal with dry skin problem anyway. As we age we lose water from our bodies and we do not produce as much oil as our complexion needs resulting in skin’s dryness. There are also other reasons why we may have dry skin problem: not taking care of our skin, using skin care products that shouldn’t be used or irregularity of our skin care routine.

In case of inappropriate care of dry skin, there can be problems with infections, skin’s irritations and allergic reactions, because the epidermis is really thin. Dry skin type is really sensitive type, and it’s color is often yellow or pink (pale pink).

Around nose or chin can be visible blackheads and if touched may feel a bit rough. Dry skin lacks it’s flexibility and softness. It has tendency to peel.

It’s recommended to avoid sun exposure and especially solarium and as was mentioned at the beginning, signs of aging can be visible in early 20ties (check dry skin care prohibitions), especially if you are exposed to sun, cold weather and wind. Skin damaged caused by weather might be irreversible, that’s why it is important to take proper care of your skin in every season of the year.
Causes of Dry Skin on Face

If you have dry skin problem on face, please check it’s possible causes:

sun exposure
exposure to cold weather
some medicines
sea water
chlorine in swimming pools
bad diet
bad skin protection when exposed to: sun, wind and cold weather,
excessive sunbathing.


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