Clear Face

Clear Face

Clear FaceKeeping a face clear doesn’t need you to have money to buy a lotion or may be having to go for facials are good but not every one can afford them so i will give you some tips that are easy to use very cheap to afford and don’t waste time.


Requirements; 1, lemon it should not be ripe. 2. avocado should be ripe and warm water.these are used in making a mask. so after getting all the requirements follow this procedure. cut the lemon and hold half of it and smear in your face don’t use the other part you can keep it for another time. after smearing the lemon juice in your face then wait for a few minutes until your face your face is dry after the lemon juice is dry in your face then cut a small piece of avocado and smear it on your face and let it dry after its all dried get your warm water and wash your face i promise you that you will have a clear face and you can do this every day because its all natural and has no side can also use eggs alone after they have dried in your face them wash your face with warm water. But only use the york.


It is also very easy for a person to make a scrub you just get some sugar and smash it into smaller particle because big particles may wound your face which will not be good so when your sugar is now in small particles get some cooking oil and mix it with the sugar but it would be great for you to use the olive oil because it works better, after its all mixed then you can now scrub your face you see its cheap very easy to use and its natural so their are no side effects so you can do this whenever you feel like


This is very easy just get your self a lemon and warm hot with a bucket or basin.Cut the lemon and smear its juice on your face after that leave it to dry as you prepare your hot water in the bucket, after the lemon juice in your face has dried bend your head in the bucket and steam your face do not put your head in the hot water just bend your head a little bit in the bucket so the the steam goes to your face if your using a basin make sure that cover you self with a blanket whenever you start loosing your breath take your head out and breath then go bend it back. if the water is no longer hot stop and get a clean cloth and dry your face.

You they are all easy and very cheap start now and tell me your results in two weeks or even a week i promise you that you will never regret trying it.


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