Cook tasty dishes with low salt

Nowadays, the recommended food habit is low-salt diet. However, some people having strong taste believe that dishes with low salt will be tasteless. Actually, there are other ways to cook delicious dishes.

1. Make use of the natural strong flavor of vegetables. Cook such vegetables as green pepper, tomato, onion, mushroom, basil, etc together with foods of light taste.

2. Wake up the appetite with oil fragrance. It will produce strong fragrance after sauteing scallion, ginger and garlic with oil, which will increase the appetite as well as reduce the salt use.

3. Reduce salt with sour taste. While cooking, you can use various sour tastes, including white vinegar, lemon, apple, pineapple and orange juice, to add the flavor of foods. For example, pour some lemon juice over the fried and roasted foods.

4. Use sugar and vinegar. Add sweet and sour flavor to foods by the use of sugar and vinegar. In this case, the desire for salt taste will be decreased.

5. Choose cooking methods easy to keep foods´ original taste, such as frying, roasting, steaming and stewing, to reduce the salt use and enjoy the true flavor of foods.

6. Season dishes with traditional Chinese medicinal materials and spices, including Chinese angelica, medlar, Rhizoma chuanxiong, red jujube, black date and cinnamon, five spices, Chinese anise, Sichuan pepper to add flavors to foods.

7. Use fresh foods instead of dry-salted ones as much as possible.

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