Dry Skin Causes and Cures

What causes dry skin?

• When you lack oil, which holds water, the skin becomes dry

What are the symptoms of dry skin?

• Flaking
• Ashiness
• Itching and tightness

To combat dryness:

• Use a super-fatted
• Take short baths in warm water with non-soap formulas
• Exfoliate body skin before moisturizing to eliminate ashiness
• Use a moisturizer containing humectants
• Avoid wool garments unless you wear a layer of protection like a camisole or a slip between the garment and your skin
• Drink eight glasses of water daily
• Wash clothing in a fragrance-free detergent
• Eliminate fabric softener
• Use fleece-lined gloves when doing water chores
• Surround yourself with fresh flowers, plants and a cool-air humidifier near the heat source to prevent losing moisture from the skin
• Clean the humidifier after every use

Moisture Stealers

If you use a harsh soap it can strip the skin of its hydrolipid film, which serves as a natural moisture protection and makes the skin more sensitive. The sun, wind, cold, dry air and pollution will also be more irritating.

Other sources of moisture stealers include:

• Alcohol
• Coffee
• Black tea
• Tobacco
• Refined sugar
• Dairy products
• Indoor heat
• Bubble baths
• Long and hot showers and baths
• Ultraviolet light
• Detergents
• Airplane travel

One of the most popular skin-smoothing methods today is alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs). You will find alpha hydroxyl acids in many kinds of products such as:

• Shampoos
• Body cleansers

Experts are not all in agreement with the effectiveness of AHAs in wash-off products. Some experts believe they may help prepare the skin for better absorption of an AHA moisturizer. You need to keep in mind that the top layer of skin is sloughed with consistent use of AHA products and always wear a sunscreen.

Latest advances are the combination of alpha hydroxyl acids and beta acids that work to gently exfoliate more uniformly on the outermost layer of skin.

When is the best time to nourish skin, day or night?

• Skin functions differently at night than from how it functions in the day. Gland activity slows and DNA production and blood pressure decreases making nighttime the best time to nourish the skin. Nocturnal free radical produced by iron in the body can rob healthy skin of moisture and make it look older.
• You should use an advanced moisturizer that helps to inhibit free radicals and improves the moisture barrier at night.

What is a good exfoliating routine for dry skin?

• One of the latest developments is using skin products made from papaya and pineapple enzymes to break down dead-skin cells and trap moisture from the environment

If you have acute dry skin or skin that is easily irritated, follow the link in the resource box to find a list of super skin soothers.

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