This one is third in the row for Vivek Oberoi. No, not a third consecutive hit but third movie with an assistant turned director. After Rajat Mukherjee’s (Assistant of RGV) Road, then Saathiya for Mani ratnam’s Assistant Shaad Ali and now Dum for E Niwas who has assisted RGV in many a flicks now !!! Dum is produced by Morani and Soorma who have earlier given super hits like Arjun, Vardi, Damini, Raja Hindustaani amongst others. Dum is another social-action-darama produced by them which surprisingly has a VERY GOOD score for an actioner (as has been Kaante in recent months !!) Whiz kid Sandeep Chowta hits the bull’s eye for Dum that has lyrics by Abbas Tyrewala, Nitin Raikwar and Sameer. E niwas has had suiccess so far in his medium budgeted Shool that gave him critical acclaim and Love Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega – a moderately successful comic caper. Let’s see what heights does young Niwas reach with this big budgeted Dum whcih has Diya Mirza and two times National award winner Atul Kulkarni (Hey Ram and Chandni Bar).

An example of Dum being lavish is the way producers have spent money on the title song itself. The budget allotted for this number itself may be well sufficient for an entire small budget movie. Agreed that most part of the number relies on the person sitting behind a computer machine – the graphics designer, but still full marks to Ganesh Hegde who has conceptualized the number. And to add to the excellent visuals is the techno-rock music by Sandeep who also sings for this. Now this man is really versatile as he can sing a ‘Ganda Hai’ (Company) with as much elan as the zippy ‘Dum’ !! Abbas Tyrewala’s lyrics are good as they contribute well to the theme of the movie. Sonu Nigam also gets to sing the same number but it is Sandeep who scores here.

Wrrrroooming track that follows the title song is ‘Jeena’ by Sonu Nigam and ‘Sowmya Roah’. A love song, it is ‘thankfully’ different as it is again fast paced and doesn’t seem top be the one that may be choreographed in Swiss Alps. Nitin Raikwar for a change writes 100% romantic words without going into his trademark ‘tapori’ mood !! ‘Someday’ is another number written by him which is sung by popstar Leslie Lewis (of Colonial Cousins fame ) and Anuradha Sriram, who has mainly sung naughty and sensual songs for Anu Malik in past few years. A good track again, it is poppish in nature.

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