eye make up remover

Eye Makeup Removers

eye make up remover

It is important for the health of your skin to remove any makeup before going to bed each night. Leaving makeup on your skin overnight can clog your pores, leading to acne. It’s part of proper skin care to clean the makeup off of your face each night. Leaving eye makeup on overnight can result in the makeup getting into your eye, causing irritation and possibly infection. Removing eye makeup can be one of the more tricky areas of the face, as the skin around your eyes is the most sensitive. You can buy eye makeup remover from the store, or you can make your own homemade eye makeup remover. Below are a variety of product suggestions along with eye makeup tips and instructions on how to use each.

1. Olive Oil. Olive oil is an excellent, natural way to remove eye makeup and to condition the lashes.
Directions: Soak a cotton ball with olive oil and wipe over eye area to remove makeup. Remove excess olive oil with a warm, damp washcloth. For a more luxurious experience, slightly warm the olive oil before applying.

2. Vaseline. Vaseline has also traditionally been used to remove eye makeup. Like olive oil, the cost is low and it’s a natural eye makeup remover so it should be gentle on your skin.
Directions: Apply a small amount over the eye area using your fingers. Use a damp, warm wash cloth to remove the Vaseline and eye makeup. Eye makeup comes off quickly and easily using this method.

3. Cold Cream. There are a variety of cold cream products that thoroughly remove eye makeup and condition the surrounding skin.
Directions: Apply cold cream to eye area with you fingers, then use a damp, warm washcloth to remove both the cold cream and eye makeup.

4. Disposable, pre-moistened eye makeup remover towelettes are the quickest and most convenient way to remove eye makeup. No water or additional towels are necessary when using these. They are also convenient to pack for overnight trips.
Directions: Simply wipe the eye area with the pre-moistened towelette to remove makeup.

5. For Sensitive Skin Baby shampoo or baby oil works wonderfully to remove eye makeup, to condition lashes, and is gentle on sensitive skin.

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