Fashion Pakistan Week 2012- Day 3

The designer lineup for day 3 of Fashion Pakistan Week FPW 2012 in Karachi was  Shamaeel Ansari, Baani D, Ahmed Bham, Monsoon/Accessorize, Gulabo,Warda Saleem,Nomi Ansari and Rizwanullah( because he was unable to showcase at day 2 of FPW 3)

Syed Rizwanullah’s collection was not upto the mark. Gulabo by Maheen Khan brings back the essence of street fashion with colorful Summer collection and was highlight of the day with vibrant accessories. Warda Saleem was surprisingly refreshing and stylish collection. The skirts and cuts were to die for.

Nomi Ansari remains the show stealer by bringing in celebs from TV and Lollywood on the ramp for him. With appearances on the ramp by Hina Dilpazer, Sadia Imam, Ahmed butt, Adnan Siddique, Nida yasir, Frieha Altaf, Maria Wasti, Ayesha Omer and our very own Lollywood Queen Meera, Day 3 was the most successful day of FPW 2012 so far.

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