Fixing Your Broken Lipstick

Nothing is more irritating than finding out that you have broken your favorite lipstick. Here’s a simple way to save the lipstick, and possibly your sanity.

Steps to follow:

  • Find a clean area with a wipe able surface, such as a kitchen or bathroom counter.
  • Gently open up your broken lipstick. Set aside, for now, the broken-off section.
  • Swivel the tube up as far as it goes.
  • Using a match or lighter, create a flame, and gently wave this over the lipstick remaining in the tube.
  • Using the tissue to protect your fingers, pick up the broken off section of the lipstick, and attach it to the end you just held over the flame.
  • Press the broken-off section firmly yet gently into the melted end.
  • Place the lipstick into the refrigerator until set.

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