Foods Make Your Skin Beautiful in Winter

10 Foods for Better SkinDuring the cold winter, many women are always troubled by a lot of skin problems, such as the dryness of the skin. Then what kinds of food are beneficial to the skin? Following are some best foods which can make your skin beautiful during the whole winter.

First, water: to expel of the toxins in the body.

Maybe drinking water is the best way to resist against aging. In the body, water is responsible for the transport of useful substances (such as nutrients, hormones, etc), and to get rid of the waste in the body. The lack of water will interfere with the balance in the body, which will of course affect the balance of the skin. When there is not adequate supply of water in the body, the skin cannot effectively block the pollutants in the air (such as UV, smoke, etc.). In such a case, it is very important to drink plenty of water in winter, with at least 1.5 liter every day.

Second, vegetable oil: to make the skin elastic.

Vegetable oil is the essential material to maintain the skin tissue. This refers to the phospholipids in the cell membrane, which can protect the cell and ensure the transportation of nutrients between the cells. As a result, vegetable oil can guarantee the maintenance and metabolism of the cells. What’s more, some of these fatty acids in the vegetable oil can also act as a lubricant of the cells, which can reduce the loss of water and avoid dry skin. In addition, vegetable oil is also rich in vitamin E, which can bring a double benefit to the skin: to ensure adequate supplementation of water and delay skin aging.

Third, seafood: to maintain flawless skin.

Seafood is rich in selenium and zinc, which are two kinds of important antioxidants. Both of these two trace elements can prevent the skin from the damage of free radicals. Oyster is the most typical food rich in zinc. As for selenium, there are a variety of fish containing this kind of element, such as tuna, cuttlefish, mussel, and mackerel.

Fourth, fruits and vegetables: to fight against skin aging.

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