Tahir Shah Eye to Eye

From Saeen to eye To eye

Tahir Shah Eye to Eye

For weeks now, Facebook and other social media platforms have been bombarded with different versions of the video Eye to Eye followed by the usual, some funny and some extremely lame memes. At first glance, it seemed as if Meekal Hasan had gone solo. However, after one has finally been persuaded into exploring the contents of the video, you will realise that the DC Comic version of Hasan and Fasi Zaka, combined together, is Tahir Shah.

It is possible that you still haven’t heard of him considering that he does not have any previous records to his credit. However, he is one of those artists who has garnered so much fame in such little time that any upcoming artist would end up feeling guilty of struggling endlessly to get only even a tenth of what Shah has gained as an artist.

Saeen Ali Gul Pir

Perhaps he and the likes of Ali Gul Pir have finally brought forward a perfect solution to the epic question bothering today’s musician: What does it take to be a hit in 2013? A catchy melody, a weird getup, some earth-shattering dance moves and minimal lyrics — there you have it! You have successfully influenced the popular culture for the next 240 Facebook hours.

In times when audiences are going crazy over Bieber and Gangnam Style, you desperately need a wow factor (read: some kind of hair) to stand out.

While Saeen used his signature moustache, Shah relies on the power of his gorgeous curly locks and spectrum eyes; and beware as those fabulous eyes will soon be endorsing some major brands around town.

With no YouTube access, Pakistan has managed yet another viral sensation and God knows how many are to follow. It is both happy and sad to see that people like Shah might as well be the pinnacle of entertainment for generations to come. Can such absurd innovations and artistic blunders really be blamed on the instability of the music industry? Desperate times do call for desperate measures but not such brainless attempts.

Yet, unfortunately, as Bieber would be remembered in the history of music so would Shah but more as the Rajnikanth of Pakistani pop culture if not anything else.


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