Get Your Hair Ready Fast

Get Your Hair Ready Fast

Get Your Hair Ready FastYou are very busy getting to work but still want your hair to look presentable…

1. Towel off and towel fast.
Super-absorbent towels which have more fibers in the cloth can knock five minutes off blow-dry time. At the very least, squeeze the water out of your hair with a fresh, unused towel!

2. Blow dry at the speed of light.
Keep the dryer (with more than 1,600 watts) in constant motion, at least six inches from your hair, to prevent burning. Concentrate on the top sections – this is what the world sees after all.

3. Start at the roots and work your way up.
Lift the sections near the crown with a round brush and spray the roots with a volumizer. The just blow-dry the base.

4. Create waves without rollers
Fasten your hair into two low pigtails (one by each ear), twirling them away from your face until they coil into themselves, then anchor them with pins. When you take out the pins, you will get a big, soft wave that is sleek and close to the head.

5. Cover hair roots
The fastest way to hide your roots is to paint hair lightener – ask your colorist for suggestions – on sections around your face and along the part.

6. Avoid bedhead
Pull your hair into soft crunches at the crown (for volume) or at the nape of your neck (for smoothness). Now you can sleep like a baby and in the morning just take it down. brush through, and go 🙂

7. Cheat clean hair
Pull your hair back into a ponytail and wash your bangs. Then just blow dry these areas of your hair. Once dry, comb and redo your ponytail neatly and let the freshly washed layers speak for your whole head.


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