Haircuts For Round Faces

Haircuts For Round Faces

Haircuts For Round Faces  Many people search for years for the perfect hairstyle only to be disappointed time and time again. This is because of their lack of knowledge about hairstyling. The most basic thing before you get a haircut is to know the shape of your face – round, oval, diamond, long, heart or square.

Once you know the shape of your face the hairstyle can be handled accordingly. If you have a round face then your face will have almost the same width as the length. You will also have fullness at and below your cheekbones. Due to their round face people generally have wide hairlines. They have less-pronounced chins and along with this their necks often seem short.

The other things that should be taken under consideration are the length of your hair, the texture and weight of your hair, your age and even your lifestyle requirements.

Once all these things are noted there are some basic pointers that a person with round face needs to follow so as to have the best hairstyle. These are as follows:

1. The people with round faces need to have layered bangs if they want any. Straight and heavy bangs should be avoided as they make the face look more round.

2. As far as possible you should stick to short styles which provide height.

3. In general you should look for styles that add length to your look.

4. Stick to the styles which have the sides of your hair short or which keep your hair close to face.

5. If you have curly hair then you should try having curls around the crown. This will provide height to your face. However, make sure that the curls are never near your cheeks. Also sure the sides of your hair are short with curls.

6. Concentrate on longer to very long styles so that the roundness is not that clearly visible and along with this you can try layers. It will make your face and neck look sleek which is required.

Avoid having blunt ends near your cheeks as it ads width to your face. People with round face should avoid having bob cuts as they frequently emphasize cheeks. Use what you have to the maximum.

Dividing the haircuts under three basic categories there are certain Do’s and Don’ts:

Short hairstyles for a round face:
THE RIGHT CUT: The short hairstyle adds height to the face and it appears longer than usual. Getting a short haircut one adds to the height of the face and not the width. Make sure that you don’t have bulging sides in a short haircut.

THE WRONG CUT: In a short haircut, the full heavy bangs make your face look shorter and should be avoided. The sides of your hair should not kick out else it will again provide width to the face.

Medium length hairstyles for a round face:
THE RIGHT CUT: In this hairstyle if no bangs are used then it will reveal more forehead and thus will create an illusion of a longer shape which will look good. If you have a haircut where the sides can be pulled back, behind the ears, it will bring a slim look to the face and give it an oval shape. Make sure that you make an off center part as it will divide your face unevenly which will make it appear longer rather than wider.

THE WRONG CUT: Avoid having bangs in this style as it will shorten the face and add to it hair that flips out at chin length. This will only increase the roundness and the width of the face. Even though this kind of hairstyle is trendy, it’s not a good choice for anyone with a round shape face.

Long hairstyles for a round face:
THE RIGHT CUT: in this kind for hairstyling a softly layered look can look terrific along with a center partition that will divide the face into two longer sections. Avoid using bangs even here. Straightening the hairstyle would be even better as it will give a slimmer look.

THE WRONG CUT: Generally with long hair, the simple look is the best as described above. Bangs will again cover up the face and forehead making the style totally unsuitable for you. Always remember pairing a round hairstyle with a round face shape will not work for any length of hair.

Get a style which you will enjoy. There is absolutely no point in having a hair cut that you cannot maintain or is unnatural to you. And of course, to make any hairstyle look good, confidence is a must!


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