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Healthy BMI For Women

Healthy weight In a world that revolves around beauty, to make it to the top of the lot, it is almost always essential to look better than the next one in the crowd. This fact of life has strangely caused a lot of women to push boundaries to only look a wee bit better. However, it might surprise you that while looking good and being healthy is synonymous, it may not be the case as per current societal notions! What do you think of those reed-like models you see strutting their stuff on the ramp? Are they really healthy? Going by most medical standards, they surely aren’t! Go ahead and read on for a closer look at what should be the healthy ‘Body Mass Index’ or BMI amongst women. Based on what you are about to read, discovering if your BMI is a healthy one or not really shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

What Is The Healthy BMI For Women

Since the body mass index is a scientific index, it is a must to mention here that same is arrived at after the use of a few formulas. The formula as per SI units is, BMI (in kg/m2) = mass (in kgs)/(height in meters)2. Once you know how to calculate your body mass index, arriving at your respective BMI should be a breeze.

  • However, if you believe that the formula is a tad too complicated for you, you can always use the internet. There are tons of sites on the internet that will help you arrive at your respective BMI.
  • Now that you know how to arrive at your BMI, it is time to move on to what should be the ideal body mass index for women. Ideally, a woman who possesses a BMI that ranges from 18.5 to 25 kg/ m2 can be considered to be a woman with a healthy BMI.
  • On the other hand, a woman whose body mass index crosses 25 kg/ m2 is considered as overweight. To get the BMI back to a normalcy, it is advisable to drink a lot of water, eat right and get as much exercise as possible.
  • Women who suffer from a body mass index that has crossed 30 kg/m2 are nothing but obese. However, women who suffer from a body mass index that has crossed 40kg/m2 can be considered women who are coping with morbid obesity. Sadly, there really is nothing pleasant about this whole situation.
  • As for the women who have a BMI that goes below 18.5kg/m2, they are nothing but underweight. To get the better of this predicament or to get back to a healthy weight bracket, it would be advisable to eat right, and drink sufficient water .
    Now that you are done processing the facts on what should be the healthy BMI for women, it’s time for you to get your weight back into control.


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