healthy summer food

Healthy Eating in Summer

healthy summer foodWith the summer in full swing, doctors advise that apart from drinking lots of water, a special summer diet consisting of light and healthy food will ensure a cool mind and body. Ritika Samadar, chief dietician at Max Hospital, said fluids with electrolytes like coconut water and lemonade should be consumed and oily foods must be avoided.

“In the summer, light food should be preferred which can be digested easily. So junk food like pizzas and burgers must be avoided,” Samadar said.

Some of the most beneficial food items during the summer, according to doctors, are:

Gooseberry (Amla): A great refresher that reverses the aging effects caused by strong sun rays. It also provides extra stamina for gym sessions. It is especially beneficial for the heart and hair.

Apricot: These are very useful to people who develop acne in the summer as they provide the body with iron, vitamin C, potassium and fiber. They make a fantastic pre- or post-workout snack.
Cardamom: A cup of cardamom tea can work wonders for those who have been in the hot sun for long hours because of its detoxifying properties.

Corn: A good source of pantothenic acid, which provides vitamin B to lower stress levels. Corn in any form, whether it is roasted or boiled is a healthy snack as it lowers cholesterol levels.

Mango: Unripe mangoes can be steamed, peeled and mixed with cumin seeds and salt to make an effective remedy for heat strokes and exhaustion in summers.

Butter milk: A glass everyday to avoid dehydration and indigestion.

Curd and Yoghurt: This is a healthy alternative to ice-cream as it is packed with nutrients, vitamins and calcium, which can help soothe ulcers, allergies and heat boils during the summer.

Juices: Fresh fruit juices, including lemonade, help replenish the body of its lost fluids.


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