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Home Remedies for Hair Fall

Are you afraid that you are shedding hair even as you read this? Well, if it is beyond the 50-100 strands which is deemed the average hair fall on a daily basis, then you have something to worry Coconut Deep Conditioner for Hairabout. Hair damage is a common phenomenon; dust, pollution, excessive styling and dying can all result in the deterioration of your mane and your scalp.

Instead of relying on expensive shampoos to do the trick, here we present to you some natural methods to resolve the anguish of hair fall. Not only do these remedies repair your fragile hair but they also help solve problems like dryness, dandruff and split ends.

Home Remedies:


Eggs are an effective cure for hair loss. They are a rich source of protein that can strengthen your follicles. They also improve the texture of your hair and restore the lost thickness and shine.

To get the best results, apply the egg yolk to your hair and let it set for an hour before you shower. You can repeat this procedure every three days and you will notice the difference in a month’s time. To make it more effective, you can also add honey and olive oil to the yolk mix.


Honey contains certain enzymes, body-friendly sugars and water that increase blood circulation and help provide more oxygen to your hair follicles and tissues. It is also a natural moisturizer and helps the scalp regain its essential oils that prevent hair stiffness and thinness. You can also apply honey to hair tips for that extra smooth feel and additional volume.


Dandruff is chiefly responsible for hair damage. Direct application of curd over your scalp reduces dandruff as it contains lactic acid which acts as a gentle exfoliating agent and stimulates the repair of damaged follicles. Moreover, lactic acid also works as an active conditioner, leaving behind smooth and silky hair.


Banana is a rich source of vitamins and contains many other important minerals. The Vitamin A present in banana promotes smooth hair and steady growth. It is a good moisturiser that battles against the free radicals in the human scalp, giving your hair follicles the much needed strength and richness. Banana also helps repair split ends.

Simply mash a banana and apply it to your hair and scalp. You will notice that your hair will become softer and healthier over time.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid that fights against the free radicals that are the real reason for dandruff. It also gives shine and smoothness to your hair. It can be used as a mild conditioner for dry hair.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is one of the most effective remedies when it comes to repairing damaged, dull looking hair. It provides nourishment to the scalp by restoring essential oils that strengthen the follicles. Olive oil also contains oleic acid that nullifies the hair-damaging free radical. Also, olive oil is by far the best solution for frizzy hair as it moisturises and nourishes your hair from the roots to their tips.

Natural remedies are probably the best way to approach the problem of hair fall. However, excessive hair loss may be a side effect of certain medication. It is better to investigate the reason behind hair loss by consulting your health practitioner, especially in the case of alopecia in which hair fall is excessive. In such cases, home remedies may not be able to solve your problem.

Tips: It is recommended to use lukewarm water for hair washing and do not dry wet hair by rubbing harshly against the towel. Also, always comb your hair only after drying properly.

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