Hair Mask

Honey and Olive Oil Hair Mask

Hair MaskHair masks prepared using all natural ingredients are very effective and efficient in defending hair in the hot summers. Due to blazing heat and scratching humidity often turns dry, frizzy hair and becomes more prone to split ends. The summer hair masks helps in fighting against all these hair plights and provides protection from ultraviolet radiations.

The sunny summers demands the necessity to take good care of the skin and hair in the scorching heat. Dry hair, split ends, frizzy and brittle hair are the most common hair problem this season. In order to evade all these hair tribulations use few special hair masks for repairing the sun damaged hair. The summer hair masks also give a protective shield so as to protect the hair from any future smash up due to the ultra violet radiations emitted by sun.

Honey and Olive Oil Hair Mask

Honey ¼ cup
Olive Oil ¼ cup


First heat the honey for few seconds on flame. After turning off the burner add olive oil and stir it well. Then allow the mixture to cool down at room temperature. Finally, apply it on the scalp and hairs gently with the help of fingers. Wrap the hairs and scalp in warm towel. Let it be like this for 30 minutes. Past half an hour, remove the towel and wash the hair with Hair shampoo.

In this mask instead of olive oil coconut oil can also be used. To make the towel warm, dip it in lukewarm water for a min and then squeeze all the excess water. This mask is best to repair the dry hair. The main two ingredients of this mask namely honey and olive oil polishes the hair and nourishes it.


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