How To File Your Nails

How To File Your Nails

How To File Your NailsAn easy indication to a person’s grooming comprises of the condition of his/her nails. If the nails are pink, neatly filed and healthy, then he/ she is most probably a person who takes himself/ herself very seriously, is sincere and possibly successful as well.

On the other hand, dirty, unkempt and wildly grown nails are indicative of people who are languid and don’t take life seriously. Who would you rather be? If you prefer to keep yourself in the former group, but are unable to find either the time or the inclination to visit a salon, here is an easy solution for you. We will help you know the easy way to file your nails and keep them healthy and beautiful, devoting only ten minutes of your time. Read on and explore tips on how to file you nails.

Filing & Shaping Your Nails
Clean Your Nails & Hands
First and foremost, remove any existing polish from your nails. Use nail polish remover with caution, as over-usage may dry the nails and harm them in long run. At the same time, select a remover with vitamin E, preferably from a well known brand. Now, wash your hand thoroughly with a moisturizing soap. Use lukewarm water for the purpose.

Pat Your Nails Dry
Drying the nails properly is a very important part. If you start the filing process when the nails are still wet, they will break easily and you may even end up ruining their shape. Therefore, wait until your nails are properly dried, before jumping on to the next step.

Choose A File
Choosing a proper nail file is almost as important as filing the nails. Avoid using metal file, as they make nails brittle in long run. Select a soft straight file, which is not harsh on your nails.

Clip Your Nails
You should file your nails only when they are more than 3mm from the nail’s pink edge. If they are longer, clip them to your desirable length. While cutting, move from one corner to the other, going in one direction only.

Shape Your Nails
Shape the nails according to the shape of your cuticle. If you have a pointed cuticle the oval shape will work for you. In case you have an oval cuticle, you need to go with the square shape nails. While filing, don’t file in upward-backward motion. Instead stick to one direction, starting from one side and going to the other.

Buff Your Nails
Buffing your nails, from tip to base, forms a significant part of the filing process. However, make sure not to overdo it, as this will weaken your nails.

Push Cuticles
Gently push the cuticle down, using a wooden stick. Remember not to apply too much pressure, as it can result in bleeding and even infect the nail.

Use Moisturizer
After you’ve pushed the cuticle back, don’t forget to apply the moisturizer. It softens the hand and sanitizes it. Regular application of hand cream also helps prevent wrinkled and dry hands.

Apply Nail Color
Now, you can apply your favorite nail color. However, don’t forget to apply two-three coats. It helps the color stay long. After applying the nail polish, apply a top nude coat to prevent the nail color from chipping.


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