How to Get Cute Lips

How to Get Cute Lips

How to Get Cute LipsMoisturize your lips daily with Chap Stick to keep them soft and supple and prevent dryness, cracks and flakes.

Choose a lipstick color that matches your skin tone. If you have fair skin, try colors that are soft such as peach, beige, nude, and berry shades. For olive and medium-toned skin types, try rich reds with brown undertones, dark berry shades and nutmeg. Dark-skinned women should consider wearing toffee, deep plums, and reds with blue undertones.

Find a lip liner that is no more than one or two shades darker than your lipstick color. You can also choose a lip liner that matches your skin tone. Lip liners help keep lipstick from bleeding onto the skin around your lips, and help the lipstick to last longer.

To apply lipstick, use a firm lip brush. Lightly dab the top of the lipstick tube with your brush, and apply to lips in short strokes, starting from the center and working toward the ends. Relax your jaw to apply lipstick evenly. If you accidentally smear some on the skin, wipe away with a clean tissue.

Blot your lips with a clean tissue to remove excess lipstick.

Apply lip liner to lipsticked lips. Starting from the middle of the top arch, line the outside to the left and the right. Repeat the process from the arch of the lower lip, lining from the middle to each side.

Apply a second coat of lipstick to enhance the depth of the color.

Finish the lipstick with a coat of clear lip gloss or a translucent powder. A gloss will make your lips look shinier, while a powder will take away the shine and give your lips a matte finish.


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